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How to Plan a Festival

Through human history, people have sought ways to celebrate their culture. Festivals are one of the most common ways of doing this. These gatherings can take place for various reasons and in various locations around the globe, providing us with an invaluable chance to learn about different cultures and traditions.

Festivals are organized gatherings of activities such as music, theater or dance performances that can be an enjoyable way to spend your summer vacation!

Some festivals are even commemorative of specific events. For instance, Orthodox Jews observe Shavuot festival as a two-day holiday to mark the completion of harvest season and welcome spring.

Carnivals are another popular festival type that take place in many cities during the summer and winter seasons. These celebrations offer visitors a great opportunity to sample local food, drinks and entertainment!

At the festival, you may even find local businesses that will come and offer samples or sell small bites of their most popular dishes for you to sample. This is an excellent way to experience different flavors without breaking your budget!

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No matter your tastes in food or music, there’s a festival out there for everyone! Here are some ideas to help plan the perfect festival experience:

Food Festivals

Every major city has its own distinctive cuisines, and food festivals are an excellent opportunity to sample them all. Some events will feature chef demos or cooking classes, while others feature the best food trucks in town!

Craft Beer Festivals

Many cities host craft beer festivals during the summer season. These events provide an excellent chance to try different beers and often feature live music!


If your festival draws a large number of attendees, be sure to have plenty of merchandise for sale. This could include t-shirts, hats, posters and more!

Your event app can also be a great way to generate income for your organization. A well-designed event app will clearly indicate where all the merch stands will be situated on festival grounds, ensuring that fans have everything they need throughout the day!


Depending on your organization and available space at the festival, you can set up some enjoyable games for guests to play. One idea could be setting up a dunk tank where local celebrities are challenged to dip their head in for an award!

Hobby Shop

If your group has members with interests that could be taught, why not have a hobby shop at your festival? Not only will this give members of your organization some extra cash, but it will be an enjoyable experience for all attendees!

Hayride Alternatives

If your venue does not permit a hayride, you can still make money by offering golf cart rides for a nominal donation.

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