The Demographic Swerve Group

Demographic Swerve Group

At first glance, this company may seem to offer an expansive employee base, aggressive advertising campaign, and unwavering commitment to sustainable business practices. Yet beneath it all lies its people – its real strength and resource.

At the executive level, a trio of executives is leading the charge with extensive experience creating, managing and executing strategic initiatives that drive bottom line growth. The company is in the midst of implementing its multi-year business plan which seeks to rebrand and transform it from traditional food and beverage company into modern health & wellness conglomerate.

In conclusion, the company appears to be on track for success. This success can be attributed to its well-positioned global manufacturing and distribution network, highly talented executive team, strong financial platform, and impressive suite of products and services that are providing measurable outcomes to both customers and shareholders alike.

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The company is a leader in the zero-calorie, low-glycemic, and gluten-free sweetener and baking mix categories due to its longstanding relationship with many leading ingredient suppliers. Thus, the business is well positioned to benefit from ongoing trends toward healthier eating options.

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