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Getting Started With Social Media for Customer Service


Social media for customer service is an integral component of any successful business. It helps you connect with customers and build a strong brand reputation that ultimately rewards you with loyal and satisfied repeat buyers.

Starting out with social customer service requires some planning. You need to identify which platforms your team uses and the types of requests they receive through those channels, then create a strategy for handling them effectively.

One of the first steps you should take is creating a policy for responding to comments on your social channels. Doing this will enable both you and your team to stay ahead of any issues, ensuring all remarks are addressed appropriately.

Your social media policy should include rules such as not deleting negative comments without cause, not posting discriminatory or offensive content, upholding copyright laws and confidentiality agreements, among others. These guidelines may differ based on your industry, strategy, tone of voice, mission statement and values.

Fast response to incoming questions is an important component of social media customer service best practices, according to HubSpot’s study of 39% of customers who expect a response within an hour for their social media inquiry.

Faster response times are essential for cultivating a positive brand image and building strong connections with your audience. This implies that you should endeavor to address each message promptly, even if this means taking some extra time to answer queries.

To effectively handle support requests, each social channel should have a dedicated moderator. They should receive the same training as other representatives and be given tools to aid in their work.

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If you don’t have the resources to hire a full-time employee for this task, third-party solutions that assist with moderation and handling social media messages may be your ideal solution. Not only will this save time and energy, but it also allows for monitoring and reporting on your progress.

It is recommended that you select a social media customer support platform with seamless integration with your existing help desk tools. This will save time on manual copying and is especially beneficial for teams handling an abundance of incoming social support queries.

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Managing multiple social channels can be a time-consuming task, so setting up an efficient tool that makes this task simple and quick is essential. Furthermore, ensure all social handles are connected to one customer profile so you can better comprehend the context behind their requests.

Social media customer service tools that also manage ticketing can give your customers a seamless experience when contacting your company. These resources enable the team to deliver the highest quality service to all customers, regardless of location or device type.

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