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Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids

Exercising outdoors is an invaluable part of child development. The advantages to being in nature are plentiful–from elevating moods and improving concentration to sparking creativity. No matter if you live in the city or suburbs, giving your kids a break from their regular lives by taking them on fun outdoor activities is essential for their well-being.

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Some of these ideas are fun and straightforward to set up, while others require some preparation. No matter which option you choose, your kids are sure to stay active and content this summer!

Make Your Own Puffy Sidewalk Paint

This craft is ideal for younger children and can easily be done at home. All you need is some puffy sidewalk paint and some common household items to create your own version of this classic summer activity.

Use Boxes and Foam Blocks to Construct an Obstacle Course

Utilize any boxes, foam blocks, sticks and other items you have lying around to assemble an obstacle course in your backyard. Depending on your child’s skill level, they can tackle it with confidence while getting a great workout at the same time!

Water Balloon Toss

This simple but popular outdoor game will surely put a smile on your child’s face. They’ll have tons of fun throwing the water balloons back and forth until they burst, competing to see who can throw them furthest!

Color Hop

Color hop is an engaging activity for young children that helps them practice their colors! Write sight words on your driveway or sidewalk in various colors, then let your kids shoot them with a water gun to discover what each word stands for! They’ll have so much fun trying to decipher each word’s meaning!

Tie-Dye Art

Another project you can complete at home is tie-dyeing art! All you need is some white T-shirts and a tie-dye kit. Not only is this an enjoyable creative activity for families to do together, but it’s also suitable for individual children or groups!

Nature Walks

Allow your child to take in some stunning views while she explores their local botanical garden with fresh eyes. She’ll have plenty of time for creative activities like drawing or sculpture as well as just relaxing.

Make Your Bonfire Special

Campfires are an amazing way for families to spend quality time together and build community. But remember always practice safe fire safety procedures and supervise any activities taking place around the fire!

Splash in the Water

One of our most popular outdoor activities, splashing in the water is sure to get your kids out of the house on hot days. Spending a day at the beach, lake or pool are all excellent opportunities for some thrilling fun in the water.

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